MUMBAI: A plucky 10-year-old who immediately informed her mother that a 50-year-old man in their share cab had molested her after he offered her mother to keep her on lap on their way from CSMT to Colaba has ensured that the accused was convicted and sentenced to five years imprisonment.
A special Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (Pocso) Act court in Mumbai recently found the accused, Mohammed Ahamed, guilty of aggravated sexual assault.
The accused, who worked as a domestic help, was nabbed soon after the girl and her family alighted from the cab.
The court said that even if the cops failed to find the taxi driver, the sole testimony of the child was enough to find the accused guilty.
Awarding the minimum sentence of five years to the accused, the court said, “Considering his age factor, no other criminal background, his responsibilities towards his daughters and his wife, the nature of the crime and the gravity of the offence, to me, it would be justified if he is imposed minimum sentence of five years and fine of Rs 10,000.”
The incident took place on March 25, 2018. The child was was on the front seat while her mother and aunts were at the back.
The accused got into the cab at one of stops along the route.
When the mother asked the child to come to her, the accused offered to let her sit on his lap.
When all alighted at Colaba, the child cried and told her mother about what he had done. The accused was caught by the crowd.
Among the witnesses to depose in the court were the child, her mother and aunt.
(The victim’s identity has not been revealed to protect her privacy as per the Supreme Court’s directives on cases related to sexual assault)

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