UDUPI: A slithery visitor brought traffic to a standstill at the bustling Kalsanka junction in Karnataka‘s Udupi district for around 30 minutes during peak evening rush hours on Thursday.
The sight of a cobra making its way through the busy thoroughfare was enough for the traffic policemen to stop all traffic to this rare visitor, which looked jaded after slithering along the hot concrete and asphalted road.

Motorists were busy capturing this event on their phones.
While the sight of the cobra initially caught both motorists and traffic policemen off guard, they quickly halted the traffic to allow it a safe passage.
As the cobra finally exited the busy junction after a 30-minute struggle, a good Samaritan rescued it from further agony by catching hold of it and taking it away for treatment.
Khader, PSI, traffic police station said but for the traffic hold up, the cobra caused no other inconvenience to anyone.

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