NEW DELHI: Over 15,807 healthcare workers and frontline workers turned out to receive Covid shots on Thursday, but the turnout percentage dropped significantly. The turnout percentage touched 62.4% which was 80.5% a day before.
Though the percentage dropped, the total number of individuals vaccinated was single-day highest. Only 12 adverse events were reported and all of them were minor.
The number of turnouts increased in North, New Delhi, North East, Shahdara, South and West districts. The biggest jump over the last day was reported in West district which vaccinated 24,600 people as compared to 1,880 people a day before. The turnout marginally decreased in East district and South East districts.
The number of individuals getting the shots every day is increasing as Delhi Police and paramilitary personnel are turning out in large number to protect themselves from coronavirus because they are deployed in the frontlines as part of their duty and the Covid pandemic is not yet over. The percentage fell on Thursday because the number of vaccination centres increased from 183 to 253 from Thursday onwards. Earlier the percentage turnout was higher because the target of vaccination was low.
A total of 70 new centres were added to the network of capital’s vaccination centres. These centres are mostly located at private hospitals. The sites are spread across the capital so that people living in different localities of the city can easily access the vaccination sites. The target of single-day vaccination increased from 18,300 to 25,300. The government has increased the number of vaccination centres to accommodate the beneficiaries who are expected to turn out for getting the second dose from the end of this week. The rollout of the second dose of vaccination is likely to start from February 13.
The number of total vaccinated persons increased to 1.62 lakh. In the first phase vaccine will be given to 51 lakh people including 2.5 lakh healthcare workers, 6 lakh frontline workers, and over 42 lakh people either above 50 years of age or below 50 but with co-morbidities who have been kept in the priority group.
The number of vaccination centre increased to 38 from 30 in central district, from 19 to 34 in West district, from 19 to 28 in South East district, from 6 to 14 in North district, from 22 to 27 in North West district and from 14 to 24 in Shahdara district. All the districts have reported far less than total expected turnout of beneficiaries.

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