Roommates, following his recent COVID-19 diagnosis, Trump is now being widely accused of “staging” photos recently released from the White House showing him reportedly hard “at work.” The criticism of Trump also specifically relates to him signing what looks to be a blank piece of paper, as the theories suggesting that he is faking his diagnosis continue to spread.

The Trump administration’s widely criticized credibility continues to take a hit, as Trump was recently dragged for apparently signing a blank piece of paper with a Sharpie marker in photos taken at Walter Reed military hospital in an attempt to show him working while currently fighting off the symptoms of COVID-19.

The photos were released this weekend from Walter Reed hospital where he continues to remain for another night after what has been described by health officials as a “very concerning” period. Ivanka Trump shared one of the allegedly “staged” photos on her Twitter account, writing “Nothing can stop him from working for the American people. RELENTLESS!”

However, it didn’t take long before eagle-eyed social media users picked apart the photo and promptly accused him of fully staging a photoshoot. Jon Ostrower, editor-in-chief of aviation publication “The Air Current,” took a closer look at data embedded in the photos shared by the White House, and found they were taken just 10 minutes apart but showed the president working in two different places.


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