KALYAN: In a shocking incident, a 44-year- old manager of a co-operative bank committed suicide by hanging himself inside bank’s branch office in Thakurli area in Dombivli.
The victim Yogesh Arote has left suicide note claiming that he is committing suicide by his own and no one should be held responsible for his death.
After the incident, the local Ramnagar police have registered suicide case and waiting for family’s recovery from trauma to find out exact reason behind the suicide.
Arote (44) works as manager at Thakurli based branch of Sahkar Mitra Madhukar Sahakari Co-operative bank having its head office in Mumbai. The Co-operative bank is operating across Maharashtra since 1993.
Arote was residing with his family in Navnanda Society building situated near Hanuman Mandir in Thakurli while he was working in to branch office situated near residence in Buvaji tower.
He was found hanging inside conference room on Saturday morning when clerk Amit Choudhary opened branch office. Choudhary later informed to police as well as relative and other staffs of bank.

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