How many of us still remember getting scolded by our mom for opening the refrigerator repeatedly? As kids, 10 gulps of water meant opening the door 10 times every 5 minutes. It was fun for us as kids but a problem for our mothers, since opening the refrigerator made it lose the cooling inside it. What if the refrigerator could somehow sense this and adapt itself and controls to keep the cooling intact? Sounds nothing less than science fiction, right?Wrong! Whirlpool has already made it happen, taking the humble refrigerator to a new level altogether. Intellifresh Pro, India’s most advanced bottom mount refrigerator*, comes with a lot of features that will make you go, ‘How come no one thought of this before?’ or ‘ I don’t have to change the temperature setting? Really? ‘. These refrigerators are intuitive, great in storage & simply stunning in looks. But don’t take our word for it, read on and let’s see if you agree with us at the end of the article.Advanced Adaptive Intelligence Technology that Senses. Adapts. Controls the cooling!Whirlpool’s new Intellifresh Pro refrigerators are powered by Advanced Adaptive Intelligence Technology which ensures your food stays fresh for a longer* period of time. It makes use of multiple sensors, and fine-tunes the cooling inside based on the accumulated data.But, how does it work? This avant-garde advanced system consists of 3 primary sensors that work alongside advanced microprocessors.(a) Load SensorLoad sensor intelligently determines the amount of food being stored inside the refrigerator. Normally overloading the fridge leads to uneven cooling ultimately making the food stale. Whirlpool’s IntelliFresh refrigerator automatically senses the load ( along with ambient temperature and usage pattern ) and offers the optimum amount of cooling* required to keep all your food fresh and cool.(b) Temperature Sensor Daily weather conditions, no matter where you live, impact your refrigerator’s performance. Instead of setting the temperature manually, Whirlpool’s new IntelliFresh refrigerator automatically senses outside temperature ( along with load inside and usage pattern ) and adjusts the cooling inside accordingly. This means you no longer need to play around with the fridge’s temperature settings every now and then.(c) Usage sensorAny idea, how many times you open and close the fridge in a day? Well, Whirlpool’s new IntelliFresh refrigerator knows, and can set itself to work based on your usage ( and ambient temperature and load inside ) . So even if you open or close the refrigerator frequently the usage sensor ensures that cooling inside is optimal*.All these useful sensors are powered by a microprocessor and an algorithm that can adjust to cooling inside for longer freshness* to your food items Convinced yet? Let us give you other reasons to be.Other technology features that keeps your food fresh for longer*Intellifresh Pro keeps your fruits and veggies fresh for 15 days straight. There are many things that work together to make this seemingly impossible thing to happen – AI technology, Uniform cooling, 99% bacteria growth prevention and Whirlpool’s ZeoliteTM technology. To understand Zeolite Technology, we will have to understand the ripening process of fruits and vegetables. Ordinarily fruits release ethylene which in turn expedites the ripening of fruits and vegetables. The patented Zeolite inside the Freshonizer (A small vent next to the vegetable storage) absorbs the excess ethylene thereby preventing excessive ripening of fruits and vegetables.Facebook Carousel 2 24082020Artboard 3 3D airflow minimizes moisture loss It also packs in another high-tech feature that leads to enhanced food preservation. It’s called the Radial Metal Cooling Technology. It ensures a 3D airflow with a scientifically designed air tower, strategically placed vents, and air boosters that circulates cold air uniformly in a circular manner. This way, the cold air doesn’t touch the food items directly, thereby minimizing the moisture loss and keeping the food items fresh for longer*
 Storage solutions designed for the Indian Consumers Complementing its high end technology is its storage attributes. It’s innovatively designed to cater to an Indian consumers’ needs. Customizable and ample space, sturdy shelves and variable temperature zones as well.Variable Temperature ZoneThe refrigerator comes with a Variable Temperature Zone. You can either store dairy items or fruit and vegetables based on your choice. All you have to do is move the slider to the mode you want it to work on and temperature will be managed accordingly.Facebook Carousel 2 24082020Artboard 4 Carry and Serve Portable ice tray – The Portable ice tray can be removed and used for easy filling of water and serving of ice. Additionally, the flexibility to remove tray creates extra space in the freezer compartment for frozen food items. Toughened glass shelves : Intellifresh Pro comes with end to end toughened glass shelves that can bear a load of up to 240 Kg*. it can even keep heavy utensils inside without the worry of breakage. LARGE BOTTLE RACK: The multiple door bins can store large bottles, milk cartons and beverages. It can hold 4 bottles of 2 litre capacity each in the big bottle rack and 5 bottles of 1 litre capacity each in the bottom rack.An eye-catching designThat’s not all, the new Whirlpool IntelliFresh bottom mount refrigerator’s breathtakingly elegant design, premium steel finish, sleek chrome and feather touch UI on the outside and metal-clad air tower, infinity shelves with a chrome tint and premium door bins on the inside, are enough to leave everyone awestruck.The feather touch UI buttons on top enable you to control basic settings such as adjusting the temperature or selecting presets without even opening the refrigerator.And its Energy Efficient tooLet all the high tech conversation about sensors not lead you to believe that it would consume a lot of energy. Infact, it’s the opposite. It’s very energy efficient. It’s INTELLISENSE INVERTER TECHNOLOGY adjusts the compressor and fan speed in real-time coordination to give you 45% faster cooling. This helps in saving energy. Additionally, this fridge works in silence as if in a library @36dB auto connects to the home inverter, and also ensures long-lasting performance. 
So if you’re looking for that perfect refrigerator that senses your needs, Whirlpool’s advanced IntelliFresh bottom mount refrigerators are worth checking out. With advanced technology and an eye-catching design, the new IntelliFresh refrigerators offer great value for your money. Oh, and last but not the least, you can buy it at https://www.whirlpoolindia.com/bottom-mount-refrigerators at up to 12 months NO COST EMI**T&C apply. Visit the website page https://www.whirlpoolindia.com/refrigerators/bottom-mount.html to read detail terms and conditions


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