People on social media are concerned for the safety and well-being of a Georgia teen who was seen being attacked by her father and a woman believed to be her step mother on IG Live.

In the disturbing video, a teen named Trinity is seen sitting in a chair in a garage while her father and a woman believed to be her stepmother question and belittle her, referring to the form of discipline as “court.” Trinity is repeatedly smacked and struck during a line of questioning.

At one point, the child was able to run out of the garage but her father ran after her physically dragged her back into the garage. The father is also seen at one point throwing the girl on the floor and sitting on her chest.

The father later defended his actions, explaining he was disciplining his daughter for running away and lying. In that video, he didn’t seem apologetic for his actions and told people to get at him if they didn’t like what they saw.

We spoke with a friend of Trinity’s who said she and her parents are trying to locate her and notify authorities but there are conflicting reports about where the family is as they had reportedly recently moved. The contents of the video motivated others, such as Lil Scrappy, to share to get the child help. 

We hope those who may know the family can contact whomever necessary to get the child help.



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