Chile, Eliza Reign, the mother of one of Future’s children, has a few words for Summer Walker.

Summer made a post on the Instagram story of her alternate account, ‘Galactawhore’, commenting on Eliza and Future’s child support situation.

“She wants 53 thousand a month. Women like this are so disgusting and sad,” Summer wrote on a screenshot of Future and Eliza’s photo. “I feel so bad for this man. Where do y’all even find these types of women?”

Miss Eliza Reign caught wind of Summer Walker’s post and let her have it in a series of posts…

She started off giving Summer a compliment on her “nice music” and followed it up saying Summer should be using her platform to support black women–adding some shade to Summer’s boo, London On Da Track, for “playing the same types of games” as Future presumably.

Eliza also addressed that she never asked for $53,000, but wants her daughter to have a lifestyle similar to her parents.

Eliza wasn’t done however, and quickly came for Summer’s hygiene. “I thought the musty deadbeat girlfriend said something,” she captioned a screenshot of Summer addressing why she doesn’t like showers.

Summer Walker is yet to respond to any of Eliza Reign’s comments, but one of London On Da Track’s baby mama’s chimed in though…

We will keep you posted as this tea develops Roommates!


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