CHENNAI: Police have arrested more than 10 lakh people across the state for violating lockdown norms since March 24, when lockdown 1.0 was implemented to curb the spread of coronavirus.
According to a statement issued by the DGP office,10,04,550 were arrested for the 9,06,939 violations reported from March 24 to 6am on September 1.
The city police have registered 9,06,939 FIRs against violators and seized 6,99,826 vehicles. Police have collected fines totalling to more than ₹22 crore from violators.
The Tamil Nadu government issued strict orders to the state police on cracking down on lockdown violators to prevent the spread of the virus. Officers said many were caught travelling across the city without a valid reason when lockdown norms stated that people were barred from travelling beyond 2km from their residence.

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