Assam Police said bottles of common medicines were used to carry drugs

New Delhi:

The Assam Police has used a funny line from a TV soap, which has gone viral, to send a message on its anti-drug operations in the state.

Snippets from the show Saath Nibhaana Saathiya have been floating around on the internet after music producer Yashraj Mukhate took a scene and converted the dialogues to a catchy rap.

Rasode me kaun tha? Rasode me do drugs peddlers tha. Carton me se Livsaf and vitamins nikal diye aur CODEX and drugs chhupa diya. Itne me Team Nagaon ayi aur dono ko utha liya,” the Nagaon Police tweeted.

The dialogue “rasode me kaun tha?” or “who was in the kitchen” is from a scene when a woman is seen scolding her two daughters-in-law for putting an empty utensil on the kitchen stove.

The police’s tweet is accompanied by two photos that show several cartons containing bottles of common medicines. The police said the bottles, however, contained drugs as the accused have replaced the liquid in them.

The Assam Police have been for a while catching up with their counterparts in other states in sprinkling humour while sending out important messages to the public to ensure their undivided attention.

In June last year, the Assam Police tweeted – with a smiley icon – that they were looking for the owner of a huge “consignment” and asked the unknown owner to “please get in touch”. “Anyone lost a huge (590 kg) amount of cannabis/ganja and a truck in and around Chagolia checkpoint last night? Don’t panic, we found it. Please get in touch with @Dhubri_Police They will help you out, for sure 😉 Great job Team Dhubri,” Assam Police had tweeted.

The Mumbai Police are also known for using humour in their tweets to ensure their messages are shared widely on social media, especially by young people.


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