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ULHASNAGAR: Money, they say, makes the mare go. At times, it can even make an abductor go and nab his target. And then, if he chickens out, it even makes him let go of the quarry. Precisely what happened in Ulhasnagar recently when four jobless men, keen to make some quick money, abducted a businessman.
The four — all aged between 25 and 35 — bundled Sunny Anwani (33) from Ulhasnagar into an autorickshaw they had “driven away in”, as part of the abduction plan.
Sunny was threatened at knife-point and driven to Ambernath by three of the men. There, he was confined to an isolated place where the fourth kept watch. And then, the negotiations began.
A call was made to Sunny’s father Shyamlal who, the abductors knew, has a denim store. The abductors demanded Rs 10 lakh to set Sunny free, failing which they warned him, “your son will be knifed to death”. And the threat came with a rider. The cash had to be handed over first and Sunny would be released only 10 minutes later.
Shyamlal alerted the cops who asked him to play along. They told him to urge the kidnappers to play it fair and release Sunny just when the cash was given. Amid all the planning and bargaining, there was an unprecedented twist in the tale. Sunny walked home safe, leaving his father and the police foxed. A police source later explained: “The abductors had chickened out, fearing arrest.”
The police said that they managed to nab the four men were nabbed using the human informer network and technical intelligence. “All four are in police custody for four days,” said inspector Mohan Khandare, of Hill Line police station.
Moral of the story? The young men should now realise, said a police official, that greed to make a quick buck doesn’t pay off, after all.

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