While Assam government plans to start informal classes for standard 12 and final year of undergraduate programmes on 15 day experimental basis, state’s education minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said owing to laptop makers sourcing parts from China and delay in delivery of consignments state government has decided to pay Rs 20,000 to those students who secured 75 percent in class 10 examination.
Sarma said that 16,944 students have secured 75 percent in this year’s class 10 examination. “As parts of laptops are sourced from China and huge delay in getting laptops we have decided to pay through bank accounts to students. At times students do not like laptop given by us now they can have laptops of their choice. For this we will spending close to Rs 33 Crore.”
Assam has asked the teachers and other staffs of the educational institution to undergo COVID-19 tests and from September 1 onwards come to school.
Sarma said classes for standard 12 and final year of undergraduate programmes will commence on September 15 in an informal and experimental way. This will continue till September 30.
He said those students who will come to take midday meal, teachers will be given them question papers and study material and they will check the same next week when these students come to collect the items of midday meal. “Teachers who are doing online classes from home will have to do it from school.”
He said, “The teachers will have to come from September 1 and will oversee proper sanitisation of their institutes.”

Meanwhile the state government has also decided to provide Rs 2.5 lakh to 8000 Namraghs (vashnavite monasteries) across the state; this will include Namgarhs across Northeast India and outside the region. Per constituency 55 Namgarhs will selected which are atleast 50 year old.


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