Sounds like R. Kelly is having a tough time surviving prison life!

According to TMZ, the disgraced R&B star got into his first tiff behind bars when a “frustrated inmate” jumped Kelly in his cell. Federal law enforcement sources with knowledge of the situation told the outlet that the attack occurred inside the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago. Apparently, Kelly was sitting on his bed when another inmate walked in his cell and started hurling his fists at the Grammy-winner.

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As for what triggered the attack, sources say the inmate was upset about the facility being placed on lock down multiple times because of the Kelly protesters outside the jail. Fortunately for the 53-year-old, the fight didn’t last long and he didn’t sustain any broken bones nor serious injuries from the scuffle.

It’s unclear, however, whether the fight was broken up by a fellow inmate or guard. A rep for the Federal Bureau Of Prisons told the publication it can’t comment on a particular inmate’s conditions of confinement or medical status due to privacy and safety reasons. Kelly’s attorney, Steven Greenberg, declined to discuss the altercation, but told the outlet that the accused rapist has been nothing but a “model inmate.”

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News of Kelly receiving some jailhouse justice comes weeks after the New York Times reported that three of the star’s associates were arrested over separate schemes to threaten and bribe the I Believe I Can Fly singer’s accusers. Per the paper, federal prosecutors in Brooklyn announced that Donnell Russell, Michael Williams, and Richard Arline Jr. have been booked for several acts of intimidation — including an incident involving setting a car that belonged to one of Kelly’s accusers on fire. The alleged burning went down on the morning of June 11 in Florida, when a potential witness in the hitmaker’s trial woke up to find her car engulfed in flames.

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This isn’t the first time Kelly’s been accused of threatening his alleged victims either. Back in October 2019, he was accused of sending letters that threatened his accusers and their families. Court docs say that in one instance, Kelly “sent a typewritten letter to a lawyer then representing Jane Doe #5, threatening to release compromising and potentially embarrassing photographs of Jane Doe #5 if she pursued her civil lawsuit against the defendant.” Prosecutors also claimed, “With respect to multiple women, he directed the women, prospective witnesses against him, to pick a side, and strongly implied that choosing the wrong side — i.e., not his side — would result in harm to them or their families.”


We hope he’s remembering all the pain and turmoil he caused others when he gets his next prison beatdown.

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