Mumbai: Amid rising demand for anti-bacterial range of products, JSW Steel has rolled out a new product segment, JSW Radiance, colour-coated steel and coils with properties like anti-microbial & anti-dust.
“Increased consumer awareness of health and wellness-consciousness is fuelling industries to make a shift in their focus on product development. These shifts are visible in Urban as well as Rural markets,” said Jayant Acharya, director of marketing, commercial & corporate strategy at JSW Steel.
The company is also expanding its capacity in the next two-three months for production of JSW Radiance product range.
“We will be adding three more lines for colour coated range. Right now the capacity is around 0.7 million tonnes, we will be doubling it in a couple of months this year,” Acharya told ET.
JSW Radiance is a steel color-coated product with properties like anti-microbial, anti-graffiti, anti-dust, anti-static & cool Roof system. The range is suitable for diverse applications ranging from warehousing, appliances, cold storage and hospitals.
The anti-microbial coating provides health security by inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria in a cost-effective way throughout the product’s service life, the company has said in a statement.

“The product can also be used in appliances. With work from home being a new normal, we see appliance demand too going up substantially. Pre-engineered building demand is also moving up, which uses a lot of colour coated range of products,” Acharya told ET.
The company has already started receiving enquiries on the new product range and in the last two months the company has seen a substantial demand picking up in the colour coated range.
“In general, the order book for colour products is looking much better. With the launch of the JSW Radiance we expect the demand to further go up as we are able to cater to a more specific demand. Probably we expect around 15% growth in colour coated products,” Acharya said.


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