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CHENNAI: Having independently worked in animal welfare for the last 15 years, Chennai-based rescuer Ashwath P is now on a mission to buy a fully equipped animal ambulance, which will be used for immediate medical attention of rescued animals, minor surgeries and birth control surgeries.
According to the young activist, most rescue calls are attended to and veterinarian bills paid by the rescuers involved or through donations. And that is why he is now raising funds to buy an ambulance, which he believes, is an essential part of this work.
“Transportation expenses are one of the biggest and also crucial. At times, we lose the animals we rescue only because they aren’t brought to hospital on time,” says Ashwath.
“We opt for any available vehicle such as an autorickshaw, a two-wheeler or a car. Many times, the vehicle isn’t given way the way an emergency vehicle would be, leading to the death of the animal.”
Ashwath adds that transport owners also tend to charge double or triple of normal charge for such rescues, as they have to spend time and money on cleaning the vehicle after.
“Each rescue takes time, money, physical and mental strength. A fully equipped vehicle may cost a lot but will make a huge difference to our work,” says Ashwath, who has spent Rs 50,000 only on transportation of rescued animals.
The ambulance will cost Ashwath Rs 64, 917. To contribute, go to

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