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The Countdown Cup is finally here.

The top teams continue to take care of business in the Overwatch League, with the Shock, Dragons, Eternal, and Fusion all putting up big wins this past weekend. Have any of those victories changed our Overwatch League coaches’ opinions on the state of their rankings?

The Overwatch League coaches’ poll ranks the teams from best to worst, with votes compiled into aggregate rankings. The coaches’ poll will come out weekly during the OWL season.

The rankings

1. San Francisco Shock

Shanghai Dragons

2. Shanghai Dragons

Philadelphia Fusion

3. Philadelphia Fusion 3

Paris Eternal

4. Paris Eternal 1

New York Excelsior

5. New York Excelsior 1

Guangzhou Charge

6. Guangzhou Charge 1

Florida Mayhem

7. Florida Mayhem

L.A. Valiant

8. L.A. Valiant 1

Atlanta Reign

9. Atlanta Reign 1

Hangzhou Spark

10. Hangzhou Spark 2

Chengdu Hunters

11. Chengdu Hunters 2

L.A. Gladiators

12. L.A. Gladiators 1

Dallas Fuel

13. Dallas Fuel 1

Seoul Dynasty

14. Seoul Dynasty 2

London Spitfire

15. London Spitfire 1

Houston Outlaws

16. Houston Outlaws 1

Toronto Defiant

17. Toronto Defiant 1

Washington Justice

18. Washington Justice

Vancouver Titans

19. Vancouver Titans 1

Boston Uprising

20. Boston Uprising 1


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