Boys will be boys — but not if Queen Elizabeth can help it!

The monarch is sick and tired of Prince William and Prince Harry‘s lingering tension, and is calling for a sit-down so both of her grandsons can get all of their feelings on the table.

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A source tells Us Weekly that the 94-year-old “is firmly of the opinion that this nonsense cannot and must not continue any longer.” Not only that, she’s ready for them to sit face-to-face and air their grievances:

“She wants the boys to sit and resolve their differences like grown adults.”

Apparently, Her Majesty was hoping that the 38-year-old and 35-year-old would have had the chance to speak in person around the time of cousin Princess Beatrice‘s wedding, originally scheduled for May 29. However, the pandemic had other plans, forcing a much smaller ceremony to take place in mid-July, which neither William nor Harry were in attendance for.

Despite the change in plans, a second insider says that the mother of four is holding out hope that Harry will make the trip across the pond to sit down with his big bro and have a chat:

“She wants them to chat in person, not on the phone or via Zoom, which wouldn’t be as effective.”

Speaking of Zoom, that’s something the brothers have reportedly gotten quite familiar with to stay in touch despite their 5,000-mile distance and eight-hour time difference. A source previously shared with Fabulous Digital that William has been keeping “tabs” on Archie‘s dad with regular chats:

“William finds Zoom a good, informal way of keeping in touch, and some would say ‘tabs’, on his younger brother. There have been several zoom calls. It’s easy to set up and involves no awkward scheduling.”

But based on what we’re hearing, his grandmother definitely wouldn’t agree! She wants those boys to talk face to face!

A friend close to the brothers added:

“William is very anxious to keep the calls low key and casual. Just two brothers have a chat. No-one else is involved. It takes the pressure off. There is nothing formal about these zoom sessions. It’s about keeping in touch that’s important. Harry has spoken on Zoom to the Queen as well.”

We can totally understand why the Queen wants her grandsons to get along, and hope they can continue to work things out!! But we wonder if she feels this strongly about having Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle hash things out, too…

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