What a crazy close call for Elsa Pataky!

The 44-year-old actress and wife of Marvel movie star Chris Hemsworth proved that just like her husband’s on-screen superhero character, she knows how to rescue herself from a sticky situation.

Elsa found herself literally stuck in the rain after attempting to drive across a flooded roadway near her home in Byron Bay, Australia. Ugh, how awful!

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Pataky documented the entire ordeal on her Instagram Story while narrating followers through her thought process, step-by-step. As the water kept rising around her stationary car, she explained:

“I got stuck, yes. Awesome. Oh god, oh god, what am I doing?”

Oh no! Following days of heavy rainfall in the area, the Fast and Furious star quickly realized she bit off more than she could chew by taking that particular route:

“A bit too optimistic? I was so sure I could cross! What two days of rain can do!”

But nevertheless, she improvised and found a way to break free while her family and friends watched from a distance:

“My only option… through the window!!”

She wasn’t kidding, either! WATCH the escape mission for yourself in the clip (below):

OMG, phew!

Thankfully, things turned out okay! One of the clips featured (above) shows Hemsworth’s trainer Luke Zocchi and a few other men preparing to tow the car out of the flooded road. We guess Thor took the day off, but this will do. Ha!

In all seriousness, though, conditions like those are nothing to play with and we hope the starlet can continue to make safe and smart decisions moving forward. Reactions to this, Perezcious readers? What would U do if you were in her shoes??

[Image viaWENN/Avalon/Elsa Pataky/Instagram.]


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