CHENNAI: Contributions of the Hoysalas to the field of south Indian temple architecture are enormous. These monuments are known for their elegance with crisp and intricate carvings. Many Hoysala temples are world heritage monuments today.
If you want to know more about the architectural marvel of the dynasty, here’s a chance. Scholar Manoj Gundanna will be presenting a digital talk on “Hoysala architecture: Some unique observations” at 5.30pm on August 1.
Organised by the Tamil Heritage Trust, the talk will cover the popular features of Hoysala temples.
A researcher on temple architecture, Manoj is an archaeologist by profession. Currently a research associate with Maharani Lakshmi Ammani Research Foundation in Bengaluru, Manoj is also a resource person with the Archaeological Survey of India.
Manoj’s research work focuses on the study of ancient Dravidian temple architecture based on traditional agamas and vastugranthas besides the study of sculptures and iconography based on ancient Sanskrit texts.
He has presented more than 50 research papers both in English and Kannada at various seminars and symposia.
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