Taylor Swift got some major love from her pal, Blake Lively, after releasing her new album on July 24. Blake wrote Taylor the sweetest message on her IG page!

Blake Lively took to Instagram on July 25 to rave over Taylor Swift’s brand new album, folklore. “Thank you Taylor Swift,” she wrote. “Can we all crawl inside that piano with you and live in this album….Like you, Folklore is full of heart, soul, humor, passion, intelligence, wit, whimsy, reality, imagination, strength, vulnerability, and above all things LoVe. We love you.”

However, Blake did NOT reference that fact that her daughters were name-dropped in one of the songs on Tay’s record! In the song “Betty,” Taylor sings, “You heard the rumors from Inez” and “She said, ‘James get in,’ those days turned into nights.” James is the name of Blake’s oldest daughter with Ryan Reynolds, while Inez is the name of their second born.

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Due to these references to James and Inez, fans are also convinced that Blake and Ryan’s third child is named Betty, which is the other name used in the song. The pair’s third daughter was born in Sept. 2019, but they have yet to confirm her name or share any photos of her face. Blake and Ryan are extremely private when it comes to their children, and have mostly kept them out of the public eye.

The girls seem to have a special place in Taylor’s heart, though! James actually also made an appearance on the singer’s 2017 album, Reputation, as well. The beginning of Taylor’s song “Gorgeous” features a then-three-year-old James saying the song’s title in her adorable toddler voice.

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Over the years, Taylor has developed quite a close relationship with Blake and Ryan. Taylor and Blake’s friendship first made headlines in 2015, when they hung out in Australia while they were both Down Under (Taylor was on tour there at the time). That summer, Blake and Ryan attended Taylor’s Fourth of July party in Rhode Island, along with several other famous faces.

Blake and Ryan also showed up to one of Taylor’s Reputation shows in 2018. Then, Ryan briefly appeared in the singer’s music video for “You Need To Calm Down” in 2019. We love supportive friends like these!


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