The researchers have designed gloves which prevents any spread of virus through its special design.


Researchers at a private university in Uttar Pradesh’s Noida have developed smart devices that raise alarm when social-distancing norms are breached and a user touches their face, besides designing gloves that dispense sanitiser automatically.

The wearable-devices are affordable and operate on battery, they said, claiming they can be effective in fighting the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The device for social-distancing alarm can be worn like a wrist band and warns users if someone comes closer than six feet to them, according to the research scientists at Amity University, Noida.

“It’s a handy, small, portable, low-cost, low-powered battery-operated smart electronic device. This electronic device can maintain the social distance of 6 feet between two persons by giving signal through buzzer and light indications alarm. It warns both the persons, having the same device, if violating the social distancing conditions,” the varsity said.

“The pocket-friendly device is in the form of a band and can be worn like a wrist watch which will work even if a group of people is coming closer from multiple directions. Each unit of this invention will cost around Rs. 400-500 and the option of chargeable battery can also be easily made in these devices,” it said.

The research group has been working for around three months under V K Jain, a distinguished scientist and professor at the university’s Institute of Advanced Research and Studies (Materials & Devices).

The group has also developed a “locket” which notifies the user every time they touch their face, a common habit, the scientists said, that spreads the virus.

“This wearable, small, portable, low-cost and low-powered battery operated electronic device will support individuals in building positive habits by raising an alarm every time a user moves their hands to touch their face. This novel electronic gadget is very affordable, lightweight and can be worn around the neck like a locket,” the university said.

“The device can within no time detect whenever a person’s hand approaches their face using an infrared-based proximity sensor technology. The buzzer alarm, LED light and vibration motor shakes out as an alert that will become stronger as the hand gets closer to the face,” it said.

The researchers have also designed a unique type of gloves which not only protects the person who is using it but also prevents any spread of virus through its special design.

“The inner layer is the same as a normal safety glove followed by a second layer consisting of a special material loaded with antiviral agents or sanitiser or disinfectant. The top-most layer is perforated to release the antiviral agent on the top surface which makes the gloves free from virus and prevent its spread,” the university said.

“The pressure to release the sanitiser on the surface of the gloves is generated by the movement of the fingers when they hold any object. Along with providing safety, these gloves won”t allow the spread of virus on disposal as it contains sanitiser,” it added.

Mr Jain, who led the researches, said the group has focussed upon the three basic attributes of ensuring social distancing, usage of gloves and stopping people from touching their face to limit the spread of the virus.

“If we can curb these three basic instincts the spread of the virus can be limited,” he said. 

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