This is pretty terrifying…

At least one man is reported dead after a shooting during a Black Lives Matter protest on Saturday night in Austin, Texas. You can hear the shooting go down in the video (above), which was captured on the exact street corner where and when the scary incident took place yesterday evening.

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The victim has been identified as Garrett Foster. According to sources, the protest was for the most part peaceful with cops there to monitor the scene. Foster himself was sad to have been carrying a rifle while walking with the protest when he approached the alleged shooter’s car and was struck with gunfire from inside the vehicle.

Sources are reporting to TMZ that the shooter was also the driver of the car in question, and he allegedly further sped towards protesters in “an apparent attempt to strike them” before he ended up shooting the fatal shots in this incident. It’s unclear whether Foster ever used his weapon, or even pulled it up to aim or anything like that.

For what it’s worth, Foster’s mother Sheila claims her now-deceased son had been pushing his fiancée in a wheelchair amid the protesters when “this gentleman get out of his car and started firing shots.” It’s unclear whether any other protesters were hit or injured, but Foster is the only reported death in this incident.

The suspect was quickly detained at the scene after the shooting.

Scary, scary stuff… RIP, Garrett Foster.


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