The shooting happened at a government bungalow on Friday

NEW DELHI: A CRPF sub-inspector shot his senior before killing himself at a government bungalow in Lodhi Estate on Friday night. The paramilitary officer allegedly had an argument with his senior, an inspector, during the dinner after which he opened fire from his service weapon. It was found that both the deceased were roommates and stayed at the quarters behind the bungalow.
According to the police, the incident took place at 61, Lodhi Estate bungalow, which is allotted to the ministry of home affairs (MHA). The deceased officers have been identified as SI Karnail Singh (55) and Inspector Dashrath Singh (56). The duo were posted at Lodhi Estate for the last three months.
No witness to shooting at Lodhi Estate bungalow
At around 10.30, Dashrath reached the room to have dinner when Karnail shot him in his face with his service weapon, an AK-47 assault rifle. Hearing the gunshot, other officers rushed to the spot. In the meantime, they heard another gunshot. They found the body of Dashrath and also that of Karnail lying near the main gate. It appeared that Karnail shot himself with his service weapon. A preliminary investigation revealed that the two had an argument over an issue. However, there were no eyewitnesses.
M Dhinakaran, DIG, CRPF, said, “An SI of 122 Battalion of CRPF shot dead an inspector of the same battalion before killing himself with his service weapon. The incident at 61, Lodhi Estate is an aberration which seems to have been committed on the spur of the moment. An inquiry has been ordered. Meanwhile, senior officers of the force are handling the situation.” The inspector hailed from Rohtak while the SI belonged to Jammu and Kashmir. “The entry and exit wounds of the deceased will be ascertained during the postmortem. Further investigations are under way,” said Eish Singhal, DCP, Delhi.

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