GUWAHATI: Tripura government has announced three-day lockdown in the state from of July 27 to July 30.This will be in continuation of night curfew to be in force at 9 PM on 26th July (Sunday).
The state government stated it has come to the notice of the Government that there is spread of COVID-19 occurring in different parts of the state which has posed a major threat to public health, hygiene and safety of the people.
It is also felt that unless stringent measures are put in place to contain the spread of the pandemic, there is chance of large scale spread of COVID-19 in the population which is likely to cause loss of human lives. “Movement of individuals shall remain strictly prohibited except for essential needs. All business/commercial establishments, shops and trade activities shall remain closed except those dealing essential goods like grocery, medicines, milk, vegetables, fish/meat etc. However, only 1/3rd of the grocery shops will be opened on the days of lockdown which will be decided by the market committees.”
The order added that the inter-district and inter-state transport services shall remain suspended. All public transport services shall remain suspended except those required for emergency services and transporting passengers from and to Rail Station and Airport. Movement of all Private vehicles is banned except those required for Emergency needs. All hotel, restaurant and hospitality services shall remain suspended.
Nagaland government has announced 8-day total lockdown of Dimapur from July 26.


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