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CHENNAI: Arun Srinivasa, a professor at Texas A&M University, will speak on “learning geometry through paper folding,” between 5pm and 6pm on Saturday.
Organised by the Varahamihira Science Forum, the lecture demonstration is based on the work of T Sundara Rao, a mathematician who lived in Kumbakonam from 1850 to 1930.
Published in 1893, Rao’s book titled “Geometric Exercises in Paper Folding” was an eye opener in the world of mathematics in which he used the art of origami to explain complex geometrical constructions.
Even though Rao’s work has been followed in Europe and the US, it is not much popular in India. The live webcast link will be available on
Have sheets of square papers, colour pencils and scissors ready. The speaker will demonstrate how to try it out.

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