THANE: An online swindler posed as an agent of a private insurance company in which a 45-year-old woman held a policy to cheat her of Rs 17 lakh with the offer of a “prematurity bonus”.

The police said the trick was a new one in the constantly evolving e-fraud landscape.
The fraudster already held information on the insurance policies of the victim and in June called the victim and sent her an email that appeared to be from her insurance company.
“The victim had taken some insurance policies from a private insurance company and the caller told her that the maturity amount which she was going to get after 12 years would be given to her right away with handsome returns ranging up to Rs 35 lakh as ‘pre-maturity bonus’ if she pays the remaining sum [premia] at one go,” a police officer said.
The caller, who introduced himself as Samir Ahuja, gave details of several bank accounts to the woman and she paid Rs 17 lakh into these in instalments. “As the victim was given all the details of her policy, she was convinced,” a police officer said.
The accounts into which the victim made payments are maintained with nationalised banks in Lucknow and Barabanki in Uttar Pradesh.
The victim kept waiting but received no returns on her payment. She dialled the number from which the accused used to call, only to find that it was switched off. She realised she had been cheated.
A case was registered with the Naupada police station under Section 420 and Section 406 of the IPC and Section 66-d of the IT Act.
The police said that they were investigating how the victim’s data was leaked.

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