CHENNAI: Nine of the 16 eggs laid by a female Indian rock python at Chennai Snake Park hatched on Monday.
The average length of the baby pythons is 63 cm. Each of them weighed around 125 to 150 grams.
It is after 13 years that the rock python eggs hatched in the park.
Snake park executive director S Paulraj told TOI that the park had successfully bred rock pythons years ago. But it was stopped due to increased cases of inbreeding.
The park got three sub-adult rock pythons as a gift from Vandalur zoo in 2009. This was followed by another three adult rock pythons from Pilikula zoo in Karnataka.
Those from Vandalur zoo and Pilikula zoo were kept together as pairs. One of the pairs laid eggs in May this year. Paulraj said a total of 16 eggs were laid by the female python, of which only nine were hatched and remaining became infertile.

Park director Rajarathinam said the incubation period of the eggs is between 60 and 70 days.
“As this is the first breeding for the female python, not only the number of eggs hatched was low. Some of the baby pythons were found to be weak. Veterinarian Senthil Kumar was monitoring them.
The park has five adult rock pythons.
A newly designed enclosure is almost ready for the pythons. All the pythons will be released into this enclosure before the park opens for visitors after lockdown.

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