NEW DELHI: Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot on Monday alleged that a section of corporates in Mumbai tried to “sponsor” Sachin Pilot as the new AICC president (when Rahul Gandhi stepped down after the Lok Sabha poll debacle). He alleged the section was now “sponsoring” Pilot’s expensive lawyers to “make BJP and the government of PM Narendra Modi happy”.
“When the time to choose a new AICC president was on, some corporate people sponsored him (Pilot). He wanted to become the president of the AICC and the sponsorship was from a section of Mumbai’s corporates because he had been a minister for corporate affairs,” Gehlot alleged at a news conference in Jaipur on Monday. “Now look which lawyer arrived all the way from London: Harish Salve, whose fees is Rs 50 lakh per sitting. Who is his second lawyer? Mukul Rohatgi, former attorney general close to BJP, who also charges around Rs 40-50 lakh per sitting. Do you think Pilot is paying their fees? It is a big conspiracy. The same section of corporates is sponsoring these lawyers to make BJP and the Modi government happy,” he alleged.
For the record, before Sonia Gandhi was brought back as interim Congress chief last August, names of Pilot and Jyotiraditya Scindia did the rounds as possible successors of Rahul. “I used to talk about conspiracy to topple our government but nobody believed that with an innocent face, good command over English and Hindi and control over a large section of media across the country, he could do this. I knew he was useless and that he was trying to make people fight within the party. Yet, we ensured nobody demanded his removal as PCC chief. Finally, his conspiracy with BJP was exposed during the last Rajya Sabha polls,” Gehlot alleged. Congress had given Pilot important posts at a very young age due to Sonia and Rahul, he said: “But, he played a big game. He stabbed both Gandhis and Congress in the back.”


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