Congrats are in order for Beverley Mitchell and her husband, Michael Cameron (pictured alongside her at a red carpet premiere event, above)! And yes, this is the second Seventh Heaven baby of the weekend, it would seem!

The Seventh Heaven alum gave birth to her third child, daughter Mayzel ‘Mayzie’ Josephine Cameron during the second week of July, according to Us Weekly. And now, she’s speaking out about her adorable little daughter — and the girl’s unique, memorable name — in a new interview!

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Speaking to the outlet about her choice to name the child like so, the 39-year-old TV star and family show alum said (below):

“My husband came up with [the name] months and months and months and months ago. As soon as he said it, I was pretty locked on it. … When we met her, it was very clear that she was our little Miss Mayzel. She’s our Mayzie baby. It’s pretty fitting.”

Awww! Fitting, indeed! Mayzie is definitely a cute little name — and certainly unique, too!

Of course, Mayzie’s birth comes a little more than a year after one of the toughest moments of the former Seventh Heaven star’s life, when she suffered a miscarriage of twins and opened up about it publicly. The road hasn’t always been an easy one for Mitchell and her family after that horrible loss, but Mayzie — their “gold at the end of the rainbow,” as Beverley put it in one recent social media post — is making things all better!

Earlier today, Mitchell shared multiple pictures of the adorable young baby and the rest of her growing family on her Instagram page, as you can see with this “sweet little girl” who Beverley says has already “captured our hearts” in the snaps (below):

Such an adorable little girl! LOVE her!!!

Looks like everybody here is safe, sound, and happy as can be, too, as Mitchell further shared a full family picture on Sunday afternoon, writing how “never in my wildest dreams would I have predicted this growing up,” and showing off the whole clan:

Aww! Such a happy and full family, and such great smiles! We love it!

We couldn’t be happier for them during this time of celebration and arrival, either! Congrats, Beverley!!!

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It just makes us wonder… three kids now, plus the parents, that makes five. Sooooo what do ya think the chances are for a REAL LIFE Seventh Heaven with two more babies on the way soon? Maybe? One day?! LOLz! Just asking!!!

Seriously, though, we couldn’t be happier for the proud parents and this whole family! Such a wonderful time for all of them!

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