Around three to four caged luvbirds are seen on level four of the recently collapsed building in south Mumbai.

MUMBAI: Four days since the tragic building collapse in south Mumbai, animal activists have urged the civic authorities to rescue three to four caged lovebirds which are still trapped at the collapse site.
“We can see the caged lovebirds on the fourth floor of the Bhanushali building which had collapsed last Thursday. However since the staircase is inaccessible now, we have urged the municipal authorities to help in rescuing these birds,” said animal activist Chintan Adani.
He further added that while several animal lovers have already approached the civic body and also the Mumbai fire brigade on this issue, they have been told that it is difficult to rescue the caged birds as that portion of the building is still unstable and hence risky.
“Former Union minister and veteran animal activist, Maneka Gandhi, has also spoken to the civic officials in this regard. However, things are not moving on ground zero,” said another city activist.
A civic official from south Mumbai said that only fire brigade can guage as to how to approach the collapsed building now, since the partially standing structure is highly unstable.
Ten persons had died since last Thursday, when this old, pre-independence era building had collapsed.

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