BENGALURU: New mothers at the Trauma Care Centre, a dedicated Covid-19 treatment hospital at Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute, aren’t really in a cheerful mood. In fact, they are extremely upset as they have been left to fend for themselves. In the post-delivery phase, they have no family member by their side.
With authorities restricting them from having family members in the Covid-19 hospital, the mothers say they are in no mood to celebrate the arrival of their newborns. “After I delivered my baby on July 10, I was shifted into a ward with two other new mothers. I was in terrible pain and using the restroom too was a challenge. There was nobody to help me,” said Nithya M, a resident of Gunjoor.

In all, 100 Covid-19 positive women have delivered at the Trauma Care Centre and neighbouring Vani Vilas Hospital, both BMCRI facilities. The 102nd child arrived during the 100th delivery on Friday. Four of the newborns are twins.
Another new mother, Rajani (name changed), who gave birth on July 13, says lack of additional support is causing immense pain and mental pressure. “When we get out of anaesthesia, the pain we go through is horrible. First, the newborn is taken away from us and we aren’t allowed to breastfeed the child because of Covid-19. Second, the pain is so severe that we can’t even move,” said Rajani. Post delivery, the newborns are taken to Vani Vilas Hospitals where nurses take care of the babies.
The new mothers say that a family member could have helped them move around, eat and use the restroom. “The government needs to understand that postpartum care is very important for a woman. We have mood swings, cravings and the least they can do is allow someone from home to be with us,” said Rajani.
“It’s learnt that Covid-19 does not transfer through placenta and the child remains uninfected,” said Dr Asima Banu, Covid-19 hospital’s nodal officer. The government should allow at least one primary contact of the Covid-positive new mother to help her out, Banu told TOI. Doctors from Vani Vilas Hospital are assisting in childbirth.
As on Sunday, there were 23 new mothers at the Trauma Care Centre.

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