Whew! K. Michelle fans swear she hasn’t told a lie yet, but it doesn’t seem that Moneybagg Yo nor his girlfriend Ariana Fletcher are too fond of her recent claims.

While on Instagram Live sometime Friday night, K. Michelle was in the studio when she alleged that she turned Moneybagg Yo down before and also claimed that the Lamborghini truck he recently gifted Ari for her birthday is rented.

Now, what prompted K. Michelle to say such things wasn’t completely clear although it did sound like she mentioned some type of work dispute in the brief clip.

But the claims she did make were big enough for both Ari and Bagg to respond!

Ari uploaded a video of her new whip and had a few things to say after K’s live went viral.

“This right here is for all you old, mad, miserable b****s,” she said. “You cannot RENT a customized car, one. Two, my car is in my name, Ariana Fletcher b***h, don’t play with me.”

“Mario got these h*s so mad,” Ari said, talking about Bagg.

Moneybagg Yo also took to his story to address the things that were said in K. Michelle’s video.

“I’m so tired of these mad jealous a** h**s just poppin’ up out the woodwork like, ‘h*, I don’t even know you,’” Bagg said. “Never talked to you, never DM’d you, never text you, never received a call from you, never picked up a call like c’mon bruh.”

Soon after Bagg’s message, the K. Michelle fan pages started sharing an old video from at least three years ago of K. Michelle and Moneybagg Yo conversing at an airport.

Moneybagg let people know that the video was old and it didn’t mean he knew her like that.

Moneybagg and Ari had just one more thing to say about the drama.

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