WEEK OF July 13 – 1 9, 2020
You’re in your flirtatious element this week, Gemini, and you won’t want to waste a precious drop of that mojo! The luminous Sun is stationed in Cancer and your second house of financial and emotional stability until Wednesday, July 22, so those themes may dominate your thoughts and guide your actions. But midweek, el Sol will form its annual oppositions to Jupiter and Pluto, both in Capricorn and your eighth house of seduction, eroticism, intimacy—and all types of mergers. It’s rare for these two heavyweight planets to be traveling together, so this solar “one-two punch” may be more powerful than you expect. On Tuesday, July 14, the Sun opposes supersizer Jupiter, which, in that white-hot eighth house, is sure to turn up the flame on your libido. Single? Don’t get lost in the weeds playing cat-and-mouse with a person of interest. While you’ll enjoy the chase, one of you could quickly lose interest if there’s no “catching” involved. You could fall down an infatuation rabbit hole under this transit, so keep your eyes wide open (yes, even as you’re swooning). Look past appearances and first impressions and get to know them before taking the plunge. It’s worth holding out for someone with lasting value. Jupiter can lead to rash decisions, but remember, Gem: A solid, sustainable relationship—whether romantic, professional or creative—takes time to develop.These same themes get developed further on Wednesday, when the Sun in your money and security zone follows Jupiter’s lead and smacks into penetrating Pluto in your house of shared assets and joint initiatives. If you took a financial hit during the pandemic, you’ve probably gotten good (or let’s say better) at finding alternatives to paying for everything upfront and sidestepping oppressive debt. There are other “currencies” besides cash, such as the good old barter system. Be creative, Gemini. What office or social-media skills can you trade for beauty and wellness services? Maybe your ease with creating websites—or eagerness to pet-sit—could become the equivalent of an income stream. If a certain business relationship has been idling in neutral, this is the week to hit the gas. But think about what you might need to do to get the thing rolling again. Could you put a slightly more appealing offer on the table or tweak your branding? Get an objective second opinion!The dynamic duels of the Sun versus Jupiter and Pluto help you pace the progress of a relationship. Perhaps the vibe is getting a little too intense for your liking and you want to slow it down. Or maybe you’re frustrated by the slow crawl of this connection and want to step it up with some seductive moves. Don’t play games or try to psychically intuit next steps. Vocalize your desires and find out what the other person actually wants. With clear facts in front of you, it will be much easier to decide what to do. Only getting more vague answers? Time to be black-and-white about it, Gem. If you keep hearing “maybe”—translate it as “no,” at least for now. Your refusal to accept less than a fully committed “yes” could be a powerful motivator to someone who isn’t appreciating your value. If you’ve already found your passionate plus-one, explore creative ways of commingling resources. Maybe you CAN afford that dream home if you put your heads—and your funds—together!

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