Not only is ICMR making sure that India’s vaccine development meets safety and standards, but the medical board also firmly believes that a vaccine is crucial to control the pandemic spread in the country. At a recent briefing, ICMR head, Balram Bhargava said testing and development is on the right track.

“India is well-known as the pharmacy of the world… any vaccine candidate that’s produced or developed in any part of the world will ultimately have to be scaled-up in India or by China.”

“Efforts are being taken to ensure that not a single day is wasted for regulatory or approval purpose, without compromising on the science, quality, and ethics part of it…Approximately 1,000 human volunteers are participating in clinical trials for each of the two vaccine candidates and pre-clinical experiments for these as well as other vaccines are also being done at the National Institute of Virology, Pune.”


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