The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted not only how food and beverage companies need to operate in the present, but how they approach the development and launching of future products and technologies. According to a study by Mattson, over 50% of product launches have been delayed, and 84% of those surveyed say that presenting new products has been more challenging amid COVID-19. 
Trade shows and conferences like IFT and Supply Side West have historically played a fundamental role in introducing new products, providing a critical opportunity for manufacturers to learn about the latest trends in food, sample new ingredients from their suppliers, and strengthen partner relationships. Though events may not look the same in 2020, innovative ingredient developers have leveraged new channels to launch products and engage with food and beverage manufacturers in creative ways. 

Food Dive’s Brand Studio has developed “Kitchenside Talks,” a showcase event for ingredients companies looking to demonstrate new products to a virtual audience while allowing the opportunity to connect and engage in a more intimate way. 
After witnessing weeks of disruption as industry events pivoted to virtual platforms (or were delayed/canceled entirely), Food Dive’s Brand Studio wanted to recreate the experiences food manufacturers were missing in a conversational webinar. Kitchenside Talks, a three-part sponsored series, provides manufacturers the opportunity to engage with ingredients companies while learning about the intricacies of consumer trends like umami and kokumi, natural colors and organic dairy.
Get caught up on the first three episodes, or take a closer look at each individual episode, featuring a unique ingredient and/or concept demonstration:
Episode 1: Driving Deliciousness with Umami and Kokumi
Episode 2: Naturally Coloring Food with Food
Episode 3: Sweet Organic Dairy Solutions
Interested in showcasing your company’s ingredient or product kitchenside? Reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch.


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