The hearing of Team Sachin Pilot’s plea against the Congress’s disqualification move got deferred in the Rajasthan High Court today as the petitioners asked for a two-judge bench. A Bench will now have to be picked by the Chief Justice and a new date of hearing decided.

Usually, matters related to constitutional law is heard by a two-judge bench. A single judge — Justice Satish Sharma — was assigned to give urgent hearing to Team Pilot’s petition. The High Court had been closed for six days after a few employees were found infected with coronavirus.

Mr Pilot, who has insisted that he belongs to the Congress will not join the BJP, took the legal route this morning regarding the party’s move to disqualify him and his supporters.

That he made no effort to contact the Gandhis despite their repeated overtures and hunkered down at the resort in Haryana – against the party command — is seen as a hardening of stance by the rebel leader.

Yesterday, the Congress had asked Mr Pilot to move out of the BJP-ruled state and stop fraternizing with the BJP.

But his choice of counsel today — Harish Salve and Mukul Rohatgi , top lawyers of the BJP-led Central government — is seen as an indication of his trajectory.

The Congress has accused the BJP of rolling out heavy artillery to defend Mr Pilot and his band of rebels. In view of the tax raids against Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s loyalists earlier this week, the party has also accused the BJP of using the power of the government and its agencies to target Mr Gehlot.


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