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CHENNAI: Police have seized a rifle and an entire setup used in making cartridges from Thiruporur MLA L Idhayavarman’s warehouse. This is the MLAs second rifle seized by the police.
Earlier this month, the MLA opened fire at real estate businessman Imayam G Kumar’s car, during a tussle that broke out due to a land dispute between the two.
This incident resulted in the injury of a pedestrian and a few others, including Kumar.
The Chengalpet police have arrested 22 men who were involved in the fight, including the MLA and Kumar.
Following this incident, a single barrel breech loaded rifle and a pistol, owned by Idhayavarman, were seized by the police.
During a search on July 13 at the MLA’s house and warehouse, the police team led by additional superintendent of police (ASP) Sundaravathanam found another rifle, with a riflescope attached to it, and an entire setup used in making their own cartridges including empty shells, gun powder and led balls. These items were found in a vegetable and rice storage space used for their business.
The cops are in the process of verifying if Idhayavarman possesses a valid licence for using the rifles. The official stated that it is illegal to make cartridges without permission.

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