MUMBAI: The Tilak Nagar police in Mumbai cracked the mysterious murder of 70-year-old woman who was admitted to Rajawadi hospital on Monday stating that she fell in bathroom and got serious injuries.
Tilak Nagar police arrested Anjana Dinesh Patil (32) for the murder of Sajana Patil. Anjana is wife of Sajana’s adopted son Dinesh Patil.
TOI had in its Tuesday’s edition pointed out that the murder was insider’s job and Anjana’s role in the crime. Police had found deceased’s gold ornaments from Anjana’s inner wear after her murder.
Sajana Patil,a resident of SRA building at Pestom Sagar in Chembur was brought to the Rajawadi hospital on Monday evening stating that she fell down in the bathroom.
The doctors after physically examining her body raised suspicion and pointed out 14 sharp injuries caused by some object and stretch marks on neck indicating a foul play. They immediately informed the Tilak Nagar police.Police registered a murder case and started a probe.
During the questioning Anjana did not cooperate but the leads came after Anjana’s younger daughter. “She told us that there was a fight between her mother and grandmother in the morning over some money. The old lady used to beg and hide money anywhere in the house and ask Anjana which used to led to a fight. And this gave us direction in the investigations,” said an official. It further transpired that it was around 3pm when Anjana and Sajana was at home they again argued and Anjana in the fit of rage took a cricket bat hit the old woman on several times and when she did not die, she removed a string from deceased’s inner wear strangulated her. When the string broke, she took her mobile charger to strangulate her till she lost life. Later she with the help of neighbours rushed to Rajawadi hospital saying that deceased fell in bathroom said Sushil Kamble, senior inspector.
Anjana told police that she was tired of everyday fight and she wanted all four flats to be transferred in her name. The deceased despite owning four flats – two in Worli and two in Chembur – used to beg outside a Jain temple in Ghatkopar. She used to get rents of three flats and one in which she stayed along with her adopted son Dinesh Patil and his wife Anjana.
Her husband Dondibha Patil died few years ago and the couple did not had any kids and hence she had adopted her husband’s brother’s son Dinesh.

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