The amount of celebs going to bat for Nick Cannon after his highly bigoted comments this week is frankly a little stunning.

In case you missed it, the (perhaps soon to be former?) host of The Masked Singer got pretty anti-Semitic on a new episode of his podcast, Cannon’s Class, first mentioning some old Jewish conspiracy theories, referencing “the Rothschilds, centralized banking, the 13 families, the bloodlines that control everything even outside of America.”

Frankly it was the type of casual chatter you’d expect to hear on neo-Nazi or KKK sites, even if you wouldn’t expect to hear Nick himself there.

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He then got into some anti-caucasian racism — which seems like a strange thing to accuse a Black man in America of, we mean historically there is plenty to be upset about in terms of systemic racism in this country supporting caucasians. But it was the same sort of racist theorizing about bloodlines and genes and inherent deficiencies that you hear from white supremacists — only flipped around. Seriously. He said:

“The people that don’t have [melanin] are a little less… when they were sent to the mountains of Caucasus… The sun then started to deteriorate them so then, they’re acting out of fear, they’re acting out of low self-esteem, they’re acting out of a deficiency… So, therefore, the only way that they can act is evil. They have to rob, steal, rape, kill in order to survive. So then, these people that didn’t have what we have — and when I say we, I speak of the melanated people — they had to be savages … They’re acting as animals so they’re the ones that are actually closer to animals. They’re the ones that are actually the true savages.”

He did not apologize, instead challenging “experts” or “clergy” to come on his show and prove him wrong.

This lack of contrition was not good enough for ViacomCBS — the parent company of MTV, where he hosts his hip hop comedy show Wild ‘n Out — who announced shortly afterward they were terminating their relationship with the star.

OK so those are the controversial statements we’re talking about when we point out how supporting him is in itself a pretty controversial move.

Yet that did not stop Diddy from showing his support and offering Cannon a job — even maybe implying he agreed with the sentiments? He tweeted:

“[email protected] come home to @REVOLTTV truly BLACK OWNED!!! ✊🏿❤️ We got your back and love you and what you have done for the culture. We are for our people first!!! For us! By US! Let’s go!!!”

“We are for our people first” is an understandable statement considering the need to support those who are oppressed — but it also could come across in a much sketchier way in the context of Nick’s comments.

Dwyane Wade also showed support, tweeting:

“@NickCannon We are with you ✊🏿 Keep leading!”

However, he quickly deleted that — perhaps after getting a full look at the offending remarks — and instead wrote 36 minutes later:

“I want to clarify my now deleted tweet. I was not supporting or condoning what Nick Cannon specifically said, but I had expressed my support of him owning the content and brand he helped create 🙏🏾”

Perhaps the most controversial backing Nick got was from Charlamagne Tha God, who said on the Breakfast Club:

“That’s what you can do when you have the power. … Listen, Nick is my guy. I hate it had to be him, but that’s what you can do when you have the power. And if there’s one thing Jewish people have showed us, it’s they have the power.”

Wow, yeah, that… that sounds pretty much in line with the anti-Semitic statements Cannon was making tbh.

Look, companies are cracking down on bigotry because it’s in the public eye, and it’s the will of the people right now. That is a good thing. Spreading views that would be welcome on Stormfront to kids who love Wild ‘n Out is a disturbing thing to throw your support behind.

What do YOU think about the amount of support Nick is getting??

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