MUMBAI: The Indian express logistics units of the global logistics giants Deutsche Post DHL and Fedex have partially resumed accepting import shipments from China, Hong Kong and Macau said their spokespersons, after being forced to stop them for close to three weeks due to a lockjam cause by delays in customs clearance.
While DHL is still taking documents and not parcels, Fedex is taking what it called is “high value shipments and documents,” from the three locations.
“DHL Express India confirms it has partially resumed the pick-up of import shipments from mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau,” said a spokesperson
“It is business as usual for the pick-ups of documents; however the pick-up of parcels still remain temporarily suspended due to an unusual backlog at clearance ports. We are maintaining a close watch and hope to resume regular operations as soon as possible,” she added.
“High value shipments and documents from China, Hong Kong and Macau into India are available. Due to backlogs beyond our control, service for low value (dutiable) shipments from these countries is temporarily not available,” said a spokesperson at Fedex.
A UPS spokesperson reiterated the company’s earlier stance that pick-up services in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau are temporarily suspended for shipments bound to India due to customs clearance delays” beyond its control.

Indian custom officials had late last month started physically examining Chinese consignments across ports and airports, as border tensions escalated between the two countries.
Usually, 70% of total imports pass through the green channel once the bill of entry is filed. This happens online with little or no difficulty; only 30% is examined. Physical examination includes matching description to bill of entry, whether the goods are correctly valued — as these could be undervalued — and whether they are eligible for exemption of duty.
On July 2, ET reported that Indian customs had begun to clear shipments of Chinese origin that had been stuck at ports for the past 10 days. Consignments started moving after several representations by multiple industry bodies to various ministries including finance, commerce and industry, chemicals and fertiliser and MSME as well as the Prime Minister’s Office.


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