All essential shops in Bengaluru Urban and Rural districts, except pharmacies, will shut at 12 noon for the next seven days starting Wednesday as part of the Karnataka government’s lockdown plan to contain the spread of coronavirus.
89 of 90 patients intubated at BMCRI’s ICUs have died
Of the 90 Covid-19 patients intubated on ventilator at ICUs of Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute (BMCRI) till July 13, 89 have died and only one is recovering, raising concerns.
Urban exodus pushes up cases in 14 green zones
Movement of people from urban centres like Bengaluru, Mumbai and Chennai to their hometowns/villages in Karnataka has led to a spike in cases in many districts which were coronavirus-free till May. Nearly one and a half months on, about 14 such districts have reported a minimum of 100 cases, indicating there’s a steady shift in Covid-19 infections from urban to rural areas.
Volunteers helped smoothen lockdown jolt
When the nationwide lockdown arrived in late March, the 2,400 residents living in 603 flats in Kendriya Vihar apartments, near Kogilu Cross, Yelahanka, knew they were on their own, with no one to fall back on. They promptly found their answer in volunteerism.

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