Ahead of Reliance Industries’ first-ever AGM to be held online, the company has come up with a Chatbot Assistant on WhatsApp.
The Chatbot, which debuted during RIL’s Rs 53,124 crore rights issue, is powered by Jio Haptik.
The Chatbot will facilitate easy onboarding of participants/shareholders. The other aspects that it will streamline include: (a) FAQs (b) to-dos for the AGM (c) voting (d) key details such as dividend and taxation, etc.
The chatbot assistant will help in the sharing of key documents and links. Besides, it will enable users to access FAQ-related videos.
According to RIL sources, shareholders can simply log in to the AGM live, can listen to the plans and initiatives and comment and participate too.
Like every year, this AGM — RIL’s 43rd — too is expected to draw eyeballs from across the world. The new virtual platform can simultaneously log in more than 1 lakh participants from 500 locations, says a PTI report.

Below are a few key things about RIL’s AGM WhatsApp Chatbot Assistant and how to access it.
— First, send a ‘Hi’ to +917977111111.
— Preferably, save the number in your phone for easier access on WhatsApp.
— Send the keyword to the Chatbot Assistant.
— Once you have sent it, an instant message will give you a menu of options.
— Choose the relevant option to proceed.
The Chatbot can answer queries and guide participants with accurate and immediate news of the AGM. Going online will help Reliance bring together its around 26 lakh shareholders.


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