CHENNAI: A special sub-inspector (SSI) of police attached to intelligence unit was transferred on Tuesday as he failed to alert officials about the tense situation in Illalur village near Mamallapuram on Saturday.
SSI Chandrasekar was in-charge of gathering intelligence reports at the jurisdictions of Thiruporur and three other police stations.
A police official said the transfer was ordered as Chandrasekar had failed to alert senior intelligence officials about the tense situation in Illalur village. The tense situation was caused by a land dispute between DMK MLA L Idhayavarman and real estate businessman ‘Imayam’ G Kumar.
The official added that if Chandrasekar had alerted intelligence officials about the land dispute between the two people, more police personnel would have been deployed in the region to control the situation.
Meanwhile, the Chengalpet police arrested two more men in connection with the clash. The suspects were part of Kumar’s gang, said police.
So far, 15 people were arrested, including MLA L Idhayavarman and Kumar, after the gun firing incident.

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