WEEK OF July 6 – 1 2, 2020
If you’ve been in a social slump since Mercury turned retrograde on June 18, here’s some news we know you’ll love: Your cosmic ruler vaults back into direct motion this Sunday, June 12, helping you assemble your summer squad and even make some long-lasting friends. With the messenger planet in the final week of its backspin, try to relish the slower pace—or pick it up by reconnecting to a friend group from the past. There couldn’t be a better week in 2020 to let the social butterfly in you flutter over to familiar gardens. You might even reconnect to your flock online, especially when you’re tumbling down one of your famous research rabbit holes. If you need to upgrade your devices, learn everything you can about the latest models but wait until next week to go shopping. Take your time to understand the features and read all the consumer reviews. Would learning new software or digital marketing skills spell money in the bank? Or how about podcasting or affiliate sales? Take time this week to check out the landscape because next week, you might find yourself signing up for a course or setting up a home studio.Just as Mercury heats up your extroverted side, make sure you also have time for introspection in your summer schedule. This Saturday, July 11, Chiron, the comet known as “the wounded healer,” is taking its annual retrograde until December 15. This year (and from 2018 until 2027), the backspin takes place in Aries and your mystical, transformational eighth house. You may already be ruminating on a major life overhaul or, at least, a noteworthy upgrade. With Chiron turning your compass in a spiritual direction over the last couple years, anything surface-y or superficial simply will fail to keep your attention. The eighth house is penetrating and sexy, which may explain why you’ve been longing for deep, all-encompassing connections in love and friendship. Now for the challenging part: making sure you attach yourself to the right people. The bonds you form between now and April 14, 2027, will be the ties that bind. And you, Virgo, don’t want to get caught up in a dangerous liaison or codependent dance. Everyone has baggage—but know your weight limit so you don’t wind up burdened by someone else’s load. Coupled Virgos may come face to face with some potent feelings before 2020 is through, everything from jealousy to lust to commitmentphobia. Don’t judge yourself; but make no sudden moves. These, too, shall transmute and pass.Sunday brings yet another reminder that strength is found in numbers when the Cancer Sun trines sensitive Neptune in Pisces and your relationship corner. Gird that shoulder and have a box of tissues handy, Virgo: You may be called upon as a source of strength and compassion for a friend in need or a loved one. Perhaps YOU’LL be the one turning to a confidante for support and a loving pep talk. Working collaboratively on a project? Chill with the tough love. This team runs optimally on good vibes, so solidify the emotional ties that bind.

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