WEEK OF July 6 – 1 2, 2020
Wherefore art thou, Pisces? Since June 18, you may have slipped behind the proverbial curtain as messenger Mercury retreated through your fifth house of glamour and fame. Feel free to linger backstage for most of the week, but just be aware that your lowkey days are numbered. Sunday’s starmap will flip on the stage lights to reveal YOU, fabulous you, as Mercury pivots back into forward motion. Maybe you were working on your magnum opus or even struggling with a creative block. Whatever the case, the coming three weeks may put an unscheduled debut party on your calendar. With Mercury powering forward through your fifth house from Sunday, July 12 until August 4, you can test drive your vision with a live audience, even if you’re just starting with your innermost circle. And after three Tony Award–winning weeks of personal drama, your relationships fall back into a calmer groove. You’ll be more concerned with finding constructive solutions than chasing a bad romance. Speaking of which, did an ex show up for an encore performance this month? If you’re still wondering if the show must go on, the answer will become clear over the next few weeks.Where do your values lie, Pisces? Starting this Saturday, July 11, you’ll be reminded that you vote with your dollar, as “wounded healer” comet Chiron turns retrograde in Aries and your second house of ethics and income. Chiron has been in your money zone since April 2018, urging you to create a powerful connection to your cash and career. During this retrograde, which lasts until December 15, do a thorough review of the books. Where might you be leaking funds for superfluous purchases? Do the companies you support have ethical hiring practices; do they produce sustainably and leave the lowest possible impact on the environment? Supporting responsible businesses doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition, Pisces—and doing so will pay spiritual dividends. Some of your own limiting beliefs about your earning power could also come into play. If the work you’re doing isn’t AS meaningful as you’d like, your path might pivot in a powerful direction while Chiron is here until April 24, 2027. Use the retrograde to research training, certification programs and other bridges to help you cross over to a new field. As Confucius famously quipped, “Find a job you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.”On Sunday, this visionary and romantic energy hits fever pitch, as the radiant Cancer Sun fist-bumps your ruler, dreamy Neptune. Even if you don’t fancy yourself “artistic,” the urge to express yourself may overtake you. Fuel your imagination by soaking up some fresh inspiration. Hit the gallery scene or a small museum that features up-and-coming modern artists. Check out your favorite online boutique or the recently opened consignment shops for colors, patterns and textures. If you hear music in the air, follow it to its source. Whether it turns out to be your neighbor’s stereo or an impromptu jam session in the park, you’re likely to bump into soulful creative types. More in the homebody mode? Curate some new playlists or a day of getting creative in the sunshine!

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