WEEK OF July 6 – 1 2, 2020
Have you been on the fence about a relationship issue? With Mercury retrograding through Cancer and your seventh house of partnerships since June 18, it’s been hard to align around whether to pick up Thai or order a pizza much less figure where the future is leading you and a certain romantic interest, business associate, whoever. Meanwhile, an old flame may have lit a fire in you again, or occupied significant space in your secret thoughts. Take heart, Capricorn, this is the final week of Mercury’s backspin. On Sunday, the messenger planet resumes forward motion, helping you regain clarity as it marches ahead through Cancer until August 4. You’ll be more amenable to compromising, so if a situation IS meant to be, you’ll soon find that win-win. If the messenger planet’s backspin drew a toxic ex back into your life (as it can do), or if you’re back in the old “what have I gotten myself into” situation, extricate yourself from the trap and clear the space for someone new to arrive. Business partnerships may also have hit a snag since June 18, but by the weekend, you’ll be able to find a peaceful middle ground—or a way to get yourself out of any dodgy deals you’ve been stuck in.Give your inner child a giant squeeze this Saturday, July 11. Just as Mercury is about to spring forward, deep-diving Chiron joins the retrograde brigade until December 15, slipping back through Aries and your zone of home and family. Chiron is an important comet to astrologers. Known as “the wounded healer,” its role is to help us radar in on old hurt and transform it into a superpower—one we can use to help other people advance in their healing, too. Ever since Chiron entered Aries on April 17, 2018, your mind may have turned to the past. Even the most nurturing parents in the world may “fail” to foster every area of growth or dry each tear. Some people believe that the soul chooses its parents for the specific lessons that we are here to learn on Earth. (This hypothesis definitely resonates for us.) With Chiron in reverse until December 15, you may find yourself reflecting on the role your parents played (or didn’t play) in your development. Or, if you’re a parent yourself, you may be ruminating on some of the choices you’ve made, or are longing to heal some rifts with your kids. Breathe, Capricorn! Chiron hovers in Aries until April 14, 2027, giving you seven more years to work all of this out. If you can’t foster connections with your biological relatives, you might find a mentor who can serve as a spiritual mom or dad; or, take a younger person under your wing as your soul child. Where you live might also come under the microscope. If your current digs are out of alignment with the lifestyle you want to lead, Chiron retro could lead you BACK to a place that was sacred; or help you gently release your attachment to your space so you can find a more suitable home. As Mercury turns direct on Sunday, you’ll get another boost from the stars. The Sun in Cancer and your interpersonal zone forms a supportive trine to dreamy Neptune in your third house of thinking and communication. Out of “nowhere,” you may suddenly see an endless array of possibilities within your current union, whether professional or personal—possibly even a way to merge your talents and go into business together. Single Capricorns could meet someone special in a way that feels pre-ordained. Have you been creatively blocked? That could change in a flash if you ask your hive-mind collective for feedback. Invite them to speak freely: Their critiques might save you from making a costly mistake.

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