Mutual funds distributor platform BSE StAR MF contributed Rs 1,882 crore as net equity inflow in June, while the industry witnessed a net infusion of Rs 240 crore. The platform had contributed Rs 3,493 crore or 66 per cent of the 45-player mutual fund industry’s net equity inflow of Rs 5,256 crore in May.
The platform’s total contribution to all the schemes together stood at Rs 5,223 crore in June, which was 72 per cent of the industry total of Rs 7,266 crore.
If the figures of BSE StAR MF for June is excluded from the overall performance, asset management companies (AMCs) for the first time in history of the platform registered their net equity collection in negative, the exchange said in a statement on Thursday.
Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and extension in lockdown, the platform has helped AMCs, members and their clients in smooth paperless transactions, the BSE said.
Overall, the platform achieved 1.86 crore transactions during the first quarter of the financial year 2020-21.
The platform registered 2.67 lakh new Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) amounting to Rs 67 crore last month. Currently, total SIP book size stands at 40.60 lakh amounting to Rs 1,305 crore.

BSE StAR MF App (StAR MF Mobility) has processed over 6.33 lakh transactions since its launch in May 2019, amounting to Rs 4,965 crore.
The app was launched to help distributors and independent financial advisors register clients on a real-time basis and execute paperless transactions.
In a separate statement, the exchange said its equity derivatives segment has recorded the turnover of Rs 12,940 crore on Thursday.
Since the introduction of the S&P BSE Sensex 50’s weekly futures and options contracts with Monday expiry, the BSE derivatives segment has seen wide participation and an upsurge in turnover due to its unique Monday weekly expiry concept.
In addition, the exchange said its commodity derivatives segment registered a record turnover of Rs 3,015 crore on Wednesday.
The commodity derivatives segment platform has been gaining wide investor participation since the launch of ‘option in goods’ in gold mini and silver kilogram on June 1, 2020.
“We are appreciative of the interest shown by market participants at our unique product offering of weekly contracts with Monday expiry. The implementation of interoperability has further enabled efficient capital utilisation and market participants are now able to use the segment collateral across exchanges,” said Sameer Patil, chief business officer at the BSE.


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