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DuPont is looking to “expand innovation beyond imitation” in the plant-based product space with the launch of its Danisco Planit ingredient portfolio, Birgitte Borch, vice president of marketing, said in a release sent to Food Dive. The new line features plant proteins, hydrocolloids, cultures, probiotics, fibers, food protection, antioxidants, natural extracts, emulsifiers and enzymes, as well as tailor-made systems.
These ingredients can be used in co-creation of dairy and meat alternatives, but the company is aiming for it to expand plant-based consumption through providing an ingredient platform for companies wanting to diversify into new formats and categories that widen the plant-based food space.
DuPont also emphasized its focus on taste, texture, nutrition and sustainability when developing this ingredient portfolio. “We want to create sustainable consumer loyalty, ensuring that plant-based products are loved and tasty enough to become a regular part of consumers’ diets, not just a ‘try it once’,” Borch said in the release sent to Food Dive.

Dive Insight:
Protein and plant-based are two categories that are almost foolproof in turning the heads of manufacturers looking to purvey products with consumer appeal. Innova Market Insights identified plant-based as a top trend for 2020.  
With this new line of ingredients, DuPont is both answering the call for more options and tapping even deeper into demand. The line offers a slew of plant-based ingredients that can be used in a wide variety of applications, not just meat and dairy analogs. The ingredients company already has a substantial portfolio of plant protein options, including plant protein nuggets introduced last year under its Supro and Trupro ranges. Supro is a soy protein line and Trupro is a pea protein option.
New protein isolates from these lines will be available under the Danisco Planit portfolio, along with Response Textured Soy Protein Concentrates and Alpha Functional soy protein concentrates. In total, there are 17 unique product lines contributing ingredients to the Danisco Planit range.
“We want to support the shift to a more plant-based diet by creating multiple options, thereby enabling nutritious, plant-based food and beverages in every meal, every day — from early-bird breakfast to the midnight snack,” said Borch in the release.
Product launches with a “plant-based” claim have shown strong growth with a compound annual growth rate of 68% annually from 2014 to 2018, according to Innova. While the space was already popular, things heated up as the pandemic took hold. Plant-based food sales grew at a rate of 27% more than 2019, and 35% faster than the food category in general for the 16 weeks ended April 19, according to SPINS statistics analyzed by the Plant Based Foods Association. With such demand continuing for items that forgo animal products, DuPont picked an ideal moment to release its new line of ingredients.
In addition to continued strong demand for vegan alternatives, this launch is a platform for DuPont and International Flavors & Fragrances to coordinate on a product launch. The two companies agreed to merge last December in a $26.2 billion deal. This merger will create a $45 billion ingredient powerhouse with a combined R&D budget of about $550 million, which is likely to produce more innovative plant-based ingredient options if the companies can successfully drum up traction for this Danisco Planit line.
Not only will this launch serve as a test case for the companies’ collaboration abilities, but it is also likely to further grow the profits and portfolio of IFF. While the soon-to-be parent company has a deep portfolio of flavors, when the merger is complete it will have a strong presence in plant-based, a space where specialization and innovation continue to generate winning products.


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